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Claire Bennet tries putting her high school decapitation days behind her as the pint sized cheerleader begins her first year at college on next Monday's new episode of 'Heroes'. However, Claire's past comes back to haunt her when she's introduced to her new roommate Gretchen (played by Madeline Zima of Californication) whose fondness of Hayden actually turns out to be an obsession. The two share an intimate girl-on-girl smooch before freshman Claire finds out just how close of a friend her new roommate really is.

Heroes new episode, "Hysterical Blindness", premieres Monday at 9/8c on NBC.

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Drake Confirms Rhianna Romance on Stage!!!


"I wish I could F*ck Every Girl in the World. Maybe not every girl in the world. Maybe every girl in Toronto. Shout out to Rhianna, I love you baby."</stong>


The 2009 Hollywood Protfolio

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Something Just Clicked

Some of these actor-director teams have a history together—remember Ron Howard and Tom Hanks’s breakthrough, Splash, a quarter-century ago?—while others produced their first mind-melds in 2008. Sam Mendes and Kate Winslet even brought marriage and kids to the Revolutionary Road set. But in each case the chemistry was profound, the effect exponential. From Gus Van Sant and Sean Penn to John Patrick Shanley and Meryl Streep, Annie Leibovitz photographs 10 partnerships that helped generate more than four dozen Oscar nominations this season. Related: Krista Smith goes behind the scenes at the shoots. Plus: Video from the photo shoots.

- photographs by Annie Leibovitz March 2009

Christopher Nolan & Heath Ledger, Dev Patel & Danny Boyle, Penelope Cruz & Woody Allen, Sean Penn & Gus Van Sant, Kate Winslet & Sam Mendes, Micky Rourke & Darren Aronofsky, Meryl Streep & John Patrick Shanley, Nicole Kidman & Baz Luhrmann, Tom Hanks & Ron Howard, Clint Eastwood & Clint EastwoodCollapse )

Posh strips for Giorgio Armani

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VICTORIA BECKHAM has copied husband DAVID by stripping off for a steamy new Giorgio Armani advert.
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Who Looks Better in Emporio Armani's Underwear Ads?

David's Package
My need to diet


Amy Fisher To Start Stripping OnDemand

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Amy Fisher, the now 34 year old "Long Island Lolita" who served 7 years in prison for shooting the wife of her adulterating lover when she was only 17 and then cashed in on the attempted murder by releasing her own Sex Tape (NSFW) after she was released, has posted news on her Official Site about her ambitious new business ventures (namely stripping in person, stripping on TV, and stripping on DVD):

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Dont Ever Go To An Akon Concert!!!

Rapper Akon is in the middle of yet another Youtube controversy. A video of the "Locked Up" singer recently found it's way on to the net that shows him shoving then punching two women, knocking them off stage during a August 30th concert in South Africa.

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